We know how important your dreams are, and we believe they should be taken seriously. In the beginning it’s overwhelming, and it’s hard to know why you should care about an email list or whatever the heck SEO is. But hey, that’s the whole reason we exist : to recognize your unique purpose & passion, and provide visual and brand identity that gives your audience a clear vision of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

We want you to learn that strategy isn’t slimy, because when we are strategic with our dreams, we are intentional and purposeful about our dreams. We want you to find a voice to speak about your brand with. We want you to experience the magic that happens when you put your story & personality into your business.


Grace Gorst

Co Founder, Marketing & Copy

"Grace is gifted when it comes to talking to people. Is that weird to say? She is, she takes the time to listen and understand, and then somehow translates peoples' ramblings into something clear, beautiful and simple. She is the go-getter, the rationalizer, the practical thinker, and that's why she is the incredibly talented copywriter/marketing expert she is today. 

If you know Grace, you know this is true of her: she loves her (soon-to-be) husband Matthew, she is the best dog mama ever, she writes incredibly inspiring and accurate words, and she's the very best, most dependable friend/sister. "

- Emily

Emily Collins

Co Founder, Designer

"Emily is a creative through and through. She has a special talent for taking simple and ordinary things and turning them into meaningful pieces of art. She's the heart behind all design at Paper & Practice and with her photography, graphic design, and illustration skills my little sister has grown up to be a triple-threat in the design world. 

You can find her happiest with a good cup of tea, doodling in a sketch book, and cuddling with my dog (when I let her steal him for the day). " 

- Grace 


3 things we can promise you:

1. We will listen to you. While you're coming to us to help you brand your dream, it is YOUR dream. We promise to listen to your opinions to make sure it continues to stay your dream. 

2. We will believe in you. It's a big deal to trust your dream to us. We promise to believe in you and cheer you while helping you communicate your brand whether it's through design or words. 

3. We will tailor our services to what you need. We understand that everyone comes with their own needs and hopes when it comes to brand identity. We promise to work with you to make sure you aren't paying for something you don't need or are missing out on something that could launch your dream into the next chapter.