5 Email Marketing Tips to Get You Started

Here’s a secret. Anyone can do email marketing.

Email marketing can seem like a daunting challenge to take on - especially if you are a small business owner that doesn’t consider yourself a marketing pro. When I was an intern after college, email marketing fell into my lap. My boss took a different job and trusted me to take on our email list after only 2 months of being there. I was scared - straight up I cried in the bathroom at work (Has anyone else ever done that?).

But looking back, it is one of the biggest reasons I love marketing - I was trusted with a lot, so in return I took on the challenge of learning a lot. Don’t get me wrong - I failed often. I sent emails that didn’t look great on phones, but worked fine on desktops. I forgot to check that my links worked and blasted emails with buttons that told people to click but in return they led no where. I failed a lot. But I learned even more. I managed a massive email list, was given the opportunity to learn, and realized something - if I can learn, so can you!

So I’m going to save you some time and share 5 tips to help start a successful email list.

  1. Mailchimp is the easiest platform to use when starting an email list for your small business. It’s even free to start! So go ahead and sign up for an account and play around. There is no coding or design experience required. They also have tons of FAQ pages to help.

  2. Mobile is key. Over 60% of people access their email on their phone. Make sure your emails look good on mobile and desktop. Mailchimp allows you to send test emails to yourself - be sure to check them on your phone and computer to confirm they look the was you want them to.

  3. Share what you love. Use email marketing as a way to reach your audience directly. It’s easiest if you send a weekly email on a specific day that shows off your products, tells a story, or shows what inspires you. Use your email marketing not just to sell but to inspire.

  4. Repurpose content. One of the best things someone ever taught me in marketing was to work smarter, not harder. You can reuse your social content and blogs for email marketing. The more touch points to a great piece of content the better.

  5. Incentivize people to sign up for your emails. Offer a free download or a coupon code, when they sign up for your emails. Then, send them an automated email (this can be done through Mailchimp) with their incentive once they sign up. That way you interact with them immediately and they get something fun!

Email marketing seems like a mountain to climb. Often, people think of it as a sales pitch they don’t want to put their audience through. But if done right and with content and sales that benefit your audience, you will reach more people, more directly than ever before. If you have any questions about email marketing, we are always happy to help and can be reached at hello@paperandpractice.com

Grace Gorst