Our Word for 2019


It may not be January anymore, but still jumping into the new year can be a little daunting with all the goals and ways we wish to improve our lives. I’ve come to realize that for me, one simple word can be all I need to reframe and recenter my thinking throughout the year. I pick a word that I want to remember, a word that I think will bring me back to the root of my overall hopes and aspirations for the year.

Our word for this year : Understand

We want to understand the need’s of small businesses and creatives on a deeper level. We want to understand the pain points and the real day-to-day barriers that manage to slow down our big dreams. Beyond that, we want small businesses and creatives to feel understood. We want to make a goal to speak directly to those actively working towards a dream business. We don’t wish to speak generally and ambiguously. We want to see you & make sure you know we see you.

On the other side, we want small businesses, creatives, our followers, our friends to understand what we do. We ourselves want to make sure we are understood. We want to be bold and clear with how we serve and add value to the lives of small businesses and creatives.

We are encouraged by this next season of Paper and Practice.

As we both continue to grow and cultivate this business, we hope to continually come back to this word throughout the year.

Enjoy a free wallpaper featuring a quote from John Steinbeck on understanding:

Phone Wallpaper

Comment your word of the year below if you have one!

emily livingston