3 Uncomplicated Ways to Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool


Have you heard of know, like and trust? To a brand- being known for what you do, being liked for the values behind what you do, and being trusted that you will do it well. This has always been the bare bones of marketing and branding.

So many people want to complicate social media. But we have refreshing news, reaching your people doesn’t need to be exhausting- and if it is, it might be time to change your marketing approach.

Let’s get one thing straight: no one is a pro at social media, it’s still very much an unknown frontier for the world. None of us are 100% used to the ability to broadcast anything, and with that kind of freedom comes a million chances to either clarify or clutter your brand identity. That’s why we wanted to write something simple that can help to clarify your voice online & help you talk about your business without wasting anymore time or energy.

3 ways to use the ‘know, like & trust’ to market your business online:

  1. Know- Talk about what your business sells. More often than not, small businesses & creatives don’t talk about their actual product enough because they don’t want to be too salesy, but if you’re selling something- you have to talk about it.

  2. Like- Be yourself, know to your values, talk about what you believe in. Make sure you heard me correctly- I am NOT saying you need to share your personal life & day to day updates, I think that can be helpful for putting a face to your business, but guess what- the CEO of CocaCola is not live-streaming his personal life & somehow the brand is beloved by millions of people- why? because they share their brand values constantly- they share what they believe in as a company. A business doesn’t need to reflect every aspect of the CEO’s life in order to be liked, it simply needs to share its beliefs, to be individual & unique (which all people are). If you have values that drive your work, share them- people are dying to know what sets you apart.

    What sets you apart = the hidden magic to having loyal fans

  3. Trust- Do good work & share client testimonies. Show your service/product’s value through the eyes of your customers. If you’re making something or offering a service, share your process step by step. If you’re selling a product, share customer experiences, photos of them & their new product. As a business, one of your vital resources are your past clients/customers, and if you’re doing good work & serving people wholeheartedly, they will be happy to talk about their experience.

If your current social media marketing plan doesn’t involve these 3 elements, you’re missing an essential element to talking about your business. Knowing what to say about your business is not always easy, but it doesn’t ever need to be complicated. I hope you use these three tools to create valuable content that reaches your people & grow into brand that sells itself.