Here we go.

I know we can, because I know we care

Few things have ever made more sense to me than starting Paper & Practice. I know this is the beginning, and I can confidently say I don’t know it all, but I have this gut feeling that this is one of my best ideas yet. I just know we can help people. I know we can make a difference, and bring clarity and inspiration to people who have big dreams for themselves and their businesses. I know we can, because I know we care.

Somehow Grace and I headed down career paths that somehow ended up intersecting, and one night we found ourselves on a porch earlier this year, talking about life and dreams, sipping wine, and reaching the epiphany we now call Paper & Practice. It was one of those nights I’ll always remember; it felt monumental while it was happening. Each idea suggested would be met with a “YES” from the other, and we were laughing because we were giddy with excitement, like we had just discovered buried treasure.

I am so excited to be here: writing words on a website named An epiphany became a long conversation, which then became many meetings, ideas, and now a website. So hi, we’re setting up shop in this corner of the internet & we are here for you, the dreamer, the small business, the one who is ready to make their idea a reality. We believe magic happens when we take our dreams seriously.

So happy to be here,